Sitemap - 2022 - Marketing Mindset (42)

Why customers prefer McDonald’s, and what we can learn from it

Are Picasso, Dali, and Miro masters at branding?

Can Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning beat us?

Can a street musician manipulate our behavior?

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Three Leadership Lessons from Elon Musk's Twitter Disgrace

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A brief assessment after Web Summit 2022

Canned Marketing Lessons from Portugal

Reframing Facebook as “Meta”

How to stop your internal perfectionist

The formula to the success: "Duos insequens lepore's neutrum capit."

Trendy vs. Trend

Experts, we're at war!

Reframing being average: "Quiet quitting"

Reframing “Global Warming” to “Climate Change”

Apple’s hidden launch strategy

How to sell a fixed-priced product cheaper without a discount?

How did TikTok remix and hack the social media platform wars?

Don't be an idiot marketer

Why am I writing short blog posts instead of tweet floods?

Why is reading something online a lie?

Scammer brands

Side effects of products: "Cambly Case"

How do you feel confident in your startup idea?

How to find new contacts without going out from home

Death of one of the most valuable brands in the world: "Queen Elizabeth"

Understanding the origins of branding

Can we hack engineering solutions with marketing?

Is your brand ready for "brain and mind" unity?

Is toaster sales cultural or depends on other products?

Is television dead for creatives?

Why Does Anyone Want to Pay $7 Million for a rope?

Why Every Startup Needs a Product Marketing Agency

Is Shrinkflation a Threat for Branding

Why do we pay money for frozen water cubes?

Why did I graduate a year late because of bad design?

Why do people buy “brands”?

Can McDonald’s Prevent The Next World War?

Brand Lessons From Tarkan’s “GEÇÇEK” song

10 Reason Why I Hate Marketing Events

10 Reasons Why Products Fail

Why Advertisers Should Know About Heider-Simmel Animation?

Why Does Everybody Know Vincent van Gogh?

Why Should We Invest In Branding, Not Sales?

Man is liquid

Can We Beat “Alternative Medicine”